Pre & probiotic beauty: bacteria for a healthier skin microbiome

Pre & probiotic beauty: bacteria for a healthier skin microbiome


Did you know that 100,000 billion different microorganisms live on the surface of your skin?! That’s 500 different bacterial species and 1 million bacteria per cm². Don’t worry, they come in peace, but if you mess with them, the results won’t be pretty.

What is the Skin’s Microbiome?

"The skin’s microbiome, an ecosystem made of living microorganisms, is an integral part of the skin's surface," explains Scientific Communications Consultant Hermance Fouret. “Its balance is critical when it comes to the health of the epidermis." 

The multitude of microorganisms on the surface of the skin are, “the good guys, slowing down the growth of pathogens and improving the skin’s natural immunity by increasing the production of antimicrobial peptides

Dr. Bertha Baum
, a Florida based board-certified dermatologist weighs in on Pre & Probiotics for better skin health:

It’s important to understand that the skin flora is essential to protect the skin and works to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria fungus and viruses. Also, the concentration and type of organisms that each individual has varies between people and even based on body area. The combination of prebiotic and probiotic protects our skin immunity and keeps our skin barrier intact and healthy. I believe this is the future in skin care and we are just at the beginning of it.

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Dr. Bertha Baum, a US-based board-certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon

The Baddies

Problems occur when the microbiome is exposed to UV rays, pollution, and even stress on a daily basis. These factors can threaten the delicate balance of the microbiome, resulting in dysbiosis - the altering of skin’s normal pH, the creation of pro-inflammatory states, and ultimately the disruption of the barrier function of the skin.

Pre & Probiotics For A More Balanced Microbiome

Pre & probiotics are part of the core level of The Perfect Formula Pyramid, developed by Swissline. The good news? Skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, rosacea and others can be positively affected by pre & probiotics. Swissline's Global Brand Director Custodio D'Avo shares his thoughts about embracing these good bacteria on his YouTube channel The Age Traveller:

We have over 500 different identified strains of bacteria alone. The beauty of this microbiome is to create an interface between the skin and the environment which can have many benefits and is actually essential for our survival. Without this bacteria which lives on our skin and in our body, we would be less healthy than we are now. 

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Help Is On the Way!

Swissline’s Essential Serum combines prebiotics and probiotics together with Madecassoside, and ATP to create the ultimate skincare maintenance product placing equal weight on the health and beauty of the skin. Our Essential Serum formulation works to encourage a more rich and diverse microbial community within your skin i.e., regulating inflammation, supporting your skin metabolism and barrier function leading to happier, healthier, more nurtured skin!

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Crowd-Sourced Product

Essential Serum is the first of its kind. This clean formula (paraben-free, allergen-free, alcohol-free, color-free, vegan, and cruelty-free) was crowd-sourced by Swissline fans...a first for our brand. 100 participants from around the world helped formulate the serum in its product development stages, selecting the allergen-free fragrance they liked the most.

Validation of Benefits

Based on an independent*, 4-week study**  evaluating the benefits of Essential Serum on 44 women and men ages 18-65 years old, the study found:

- Up to 44% increase in moisturization
- Up to 15% reduction in sebum production (volunteers with oily skin)
- Up to 26% increase in sebum production (volunteers with dry skin)
100% of the volunteers had a skin ph balancing positive test

So, now that we know about the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome and a scientifically proven, consumer approved product that can achieve this, all that is left to say is: om...

 * skin test institute c/o intercosmetica neuchâtel sa

** 1-month cosmetic use test of the product cs age intelligence essential serum. open study on 44 healthy female and male volunteers (no placebo, no binding condition).
product applications were made at home (half face, am and pm daily application) evaluation criteria for sebum level using sebumeter® sm 815, corneometer® cm 825 and skin ph-meter® ph 905.

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About Swissline

At Swissline, we believe a healthy skin routine starts with understanding the ingredients you’re using on yourself day in and day out. We have created The Perfect Formula Pyramid™ of skincare ingredients - inspired by beauty. Informed by skin biology.

Our pyramid offers a clear look at skincare ingredients such as Peptides, AHA’s and Ceramides, demystifying them and explaining their place and purpose in your beauty regime. From beauty basics like NMF to age-defying collagen, the pyramid guides you through five tiers, from fundamentals all the way up to a brand’s star ingredient.

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