Swissline x Formetta: Where Swiss Science & Beauty Meet

Swissline x Formetta: Where Swiss Science & Beauty Meet

Well-aging is a 360⁰ endeavor, an accumulation of all our inside-out health efforts. So, let’s demystify collagen, shall we? Collagen, naturally produced in our bodies, is a protein that provides strength and structure for our bones, skin, muscle, and tendons. In other words, collagen is crucial if you’re serious about well-aging and longevity.

Swissline’s Unique Approach to 360⁰ Well-Aging

How does this elusive substance really work in supplements and in skincare? The actual penetration of any collagen product applied topically to the skin is limited because it is a macromolecule; the best collagen skincare products contain not only soluble collagen but collagen-boosting peptides and growth factors, which have all been proven to increase one’s own collagen production. Our Cell Shock collection embodies this brand philosophy for youth-boosting, inside out. At Swissline, we’ve harnessed the power of differing collagen technologies to offer visible and lasting results. 

“After more than 30 years we found the best solution: combining two different molecular weights of soluble collagen, adding to these several evidence-baked peptides to promote its neogenesis, and finally technologies that can help prevent glycation. What we call 360⁰ is this combination of immediate and long-term effects, attacking problems from the inside-out.” -  Swissline Brand Director, Custodio d’Avo

Discover the Swissline x Formetta premium collagen supplement. 

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Two Swiss Collagen Experts, One Supplement

Two Swiss-born companies: Swissline, collagen experts with skin biology at the heart of their formulations; Formetta, a boutique Swiss nutraceutical company founded and led by biomedical researcher, Dr. Vanessa Craig. This exciting collaboration unites two collagen experts and their shared 360 approach to collagen refurbishment. Their philosophy on longevity and well-aging aligns in a beautiful way, offering a daily ritual of multi-faceted nourishment.

Discover the Swissline x Formetta Collagen Supplement

A Well-Aging Partnership

“We are both passionate about well-aging, believing it is not only possible but easy, to age gracefully. Formetta has a take on “collagen” that is very similar to our own: make it as bioavailable as possible, combining it with co-nutrients that facilitate absorption and stability. This is incredibly like our own skincare take on collagen, what we call a 360⁰ approach!”  - Swissline Brand Director, Custodio D'Avo

"This is a really exciting collaboration for us. Swissline are experts in collagen and we are aligned in the same philosophy of our 360 approaches to wellness and well-aging." - Founder of Formetta, Dr. Vanessa Craig

The Formetta x Swissline supplement offered as a daily sachet, features high-potency, bioactive collagen peptides together with key ingredients to slow the visible signs of aging. This highly effective collagen supplement must contain the right amount of bioactive collagen peptides combined with essential co-ingredients. This will allow the body to not only boost collagen production but also prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Impressive results can be experienced throughout the body, but when it comes to the skin, you will notice improvements in hydration, elasticity, and texture. Your skin will appear firmer, plumper, and less wrinkly! 


*Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Firms and plumps skin
*Improves skin moisture, elasticity, and texture
*Promotes and maintains healthy hair
*Promotes nail growth and strength
*Improves joint health
*Improves bone strength
*Aids weight management
*Improves glucose metabolism
*Increases athletic performance
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