Well-Aging Tips from Swissline

Well-Aging Tips from Swissline

June 12th is Global Wellness Day! An entirely not-for-profit day, a social project dedicated to living well. The manifesto for living well includes various facets of well-aging such as eating healthier, exercising more, using less plastic, sleeping better, and even doing a good deed.

At Swissline, we know aging gracefully means embracing a healthier lifestyle and mindset to feel and look our absolute best, inside and out. Today, we're highlighting experts we've partnered with who can speak to wellness ideas we wholeheartedly support. 

Feeling Your Body - Food as Medicine

You've heard it before, but it's true: you are what you eat. Eating the right foods reduces inflammation in the body and helps support your skin's health as well.

Dr. Lauren W. Powell, MD, is a board-certified family medicine physician and culinary medicine specialist on a mission to end generational health issues in the African-American community. She joined us for an Instagram Live with our Brand Director to share practical and interesting tips for approaching food as medicine.

Food is the most powerful drug that we have. It can do go to our bodies and it can do harm to our bodies.

My choice each day is to put things in my body that serve my body well. -Dr. Lauren Powell, The Culinary Doctor

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Beauty Sleep for Better Skin 

How much importance do you place on sleeping well? Our body's clock is responsible for immune function, keeping cells younger, and so much more.

Dr. Michael Breus is world-renowned Sleep Expert and Psychologist. Our recent partnership with him delves into the world of 'Beauty Sleep' and the Circadian Rhythm for boosting productivity and anti-aging efforts. Read his useful sleep articles here on the blog and watch our live chat with him where he shares practical tips for sleeping better and looking younger!

When you don’t have a restful night, it can have an effect on your mood, health, family, and even your job.

Sleep is the third pillar of health along with diet and exercise. - Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor

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Using Less Plastic and Giving Clean Water to Communities Around the Globe

For the past four years, Managing Director Gaston Jehle has worked with Drink & Donate  to bring clean water to the less fortunate in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and more. By purchasing a branded DRINK & DONATE carafe locally, proceeds are used globally to build clean water projects that truly make a difference.

Access to clean water is synonymous for a better quality of life! Clean drinking water reduced the possibility to die of a serious illness! - Gaston Jehle, Managing Director 

Learn more about the great work they're doing, our collaboration with Drink and Donate, and how you can help, here.

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