Anti-aging day cream that lifts the skin and protects it from the sun`s damaging UV rays. It has been formulated by taking the base of one of our most popular products - Cell Shock Total-Lift Rich Cream - and adding broad spectrum UV filters to it. Due to high demand unfortunately this product is OUT OF STOCK.
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The ultimate CC cream for all skin conditions including those sensitive and reactive conditions that tend to respond badly to other colored creams. It corrects, primes, protects, brightens, moisturizes, energizes and soothes the skin, while preventing oxidation and refining pores. It helps fortify sensitized skin suffering from a damaged barrier, shielding the skin from the negative environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress thanks to an adapted sun filter with a high percentage of skin-friendly mineral titanium dioxide.Available in two shades: 10 Beige with rose undertones20 Beige for a medium glow
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Mineral sun filters physically protect skin from UV radiation. Biotic-shield Complex strengthens the skin’s own good bacterial flora against environmental damage. Together they guarantee defense against the factors that can lead to future skin pigmentation. Light enough to be mixed into foundation or CC creams for satin-smooth application.
119.78 CHF
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Invisible, lightweight sun protection in a water-resistant formula, offers UV protection that can be applied to all areas – face, neck & décolleté, hands – to prohibit sun-induced age spots. Light enough to mix into other moisturizers. Silicone-, mineral oil- and alcohol-free.
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