We are Celebrating Cell Shock's 30th Anniversary!

Ageless beauty, timeless luxury.

Swissline's Cell Shock collection is 30 years in the making. Fabulous formulas and results you can truly see and feel!



30 Years in the Making: A Milestone for Cell Shock

From the beginning, Cell Shock always targeted mature skin conditions in order to give the best results with the most luxurious textures. That's why today so many people identity Swissline with Cell Shock!

Founded in 1989, the original line that was created and no longer exists was called Filaggrin. From 2002, the original Cell Shock ingredient Cellactel was replaced with Cellactel 2 Complex, a plant-based alternative and one of the brand's secret weapons.

From 2002 onwards, there were different generations of products emerging, and until today, the brand is always evolving to include even more exciting products.

Cell Shock Set

30th Anniversary Limited Edition Set 

To celebrate this monumental occasion for Cell Shock, we have created a Cell Shock 30 Year Anniversary Limited Edition set designed with a beautiful Goldfish pattern symbolizing eternal youth. This ongoing 'eternal' circle was the inspiration behind this pattern. Complete with our Award-Winning Luxe-Lift Rich Cream and Luxe-Lift Eye Cream, this is the perfect gift for the holidays! 


Swissline Collagen Serum

Collagen in Our Cell Shock Formulations

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but age and environmental factors can take their toll on the skin's most precious protein!

At Swissline, we take a comprehensive approach to collagen because we know it's a multi-faceted story. We try to inhibit or slow down collagenases, approaching this collagen from every single angle. You will find hydrolyzed collagen peptides in our Cell Shock 360° Serum formulas which work to slow down collagen breakdown.


Luxury Lifting and Tailored Solutions to Satisfy All Needs

Within our Cell Shock collection, each product is formulated to lift, hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Each product brings an extra touch of that often hard to description skincare 'X-factor'! There is truly something for everyone with mature skin conditions within this collection.

Did you know? 

Soluble collagen is one of the most beneficial hydrating macro molecules along with hyaluronic acid. Hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes the skin and delivers line-filling benefits, and this pure form of solubilized collagen is used in our Luxe-Lift Creams and serums.


Award-Winning Formulas

If you're looking to elevate your skincare, look no further than our Award-Winning Cell Shock fan-favorites, Luxe-Lift Rich Cream and Magic Eye Mask. Lift, hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with our effective formulas rooted in Swiss science and over 30 years of biotech innovation. Discover our Cell Shock collection today!

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